News & Announcements
2020 Club Championships

This years club championships will consist of three men’s graded events. A, B & C and a Ladies event. The event will run from March 21st to 4th April. To enter, please log in to your wazygoose account where you can register and pay the entry fee which is £5 per person per event.

Wazygoose booking system

As we mentioned at membership renewal in September, we would be changing the system we use to book and pay for courts.
Time moves on and we are now ready to implement the new system, starting with removing the old Pro Bookings system from the in-club computer and replacing this with Wazygoose - if all installations run smoothly we should have the lights configured to automatically switch on thus eliminating the need to confirm your court upon arrival, simply turn up at the time of your booking and play.

This system is successfully used by a number of squash clubs throughout the region, so we felt that it was the one for Norton to use. When the system is up and running, every member will be given 5 credits which will equate to 1 free court.

We want to get this right and as such input and feedback from our members is encouraged, please do raise any issues you're unclear about.

Durham & Cleveland County League 2019/2020

Norton Squash Club have entered 8 Men's/mixed teams ranging from Division 4 up to the Premier Division, regretfully this season we are unable to field a Ladies' team due to a lack of available players. You can find your team's match schedule by clicking here. Good luck as always to everyone participating in the D&C county league!