News & Announcements

Durham & Cleveland County League 2019/2020

Norton Squash Club have entered 8 Men's/mixed teams ranging from Division 4 up to the Premier Division, regretfully this season we are unable to field a Ladies' team due to a lack of available players. You can find your team's match schedule by clicking here. Good luck as always to everyone participating in the D&C county league!

Coast to coast bike ride 2019

On a rainy August Friday morning 14 of our very own set off to complete the famed coast to coast bike ride, from the west coast of England to the east, in hopes of raising money for Teesside Hospice. Importantly, a great time was had by all involved and the amount raised for Teesside Hospice well exceeded expectations with a massive £2,017.75 raised! Around half of all donations were also gift aided which brings the grand total to around £2,500 - an incredible amount which will surely go a long way. Massive thanks go out to everyone who got involved, from arranging, supporting, donating and of course completing the ride itself! The club has once again been done very proud by our fantastic member base and community as a whole. Be sure to check out the gallery here, there are loads of great photos!

Impressive stuff as Norton Squash Club tops county participation stats

We've received some great statistics from England Squash regarding our club's uptake across four England Squash programmes (as well as other participating clubs in the county) and Norton Squash Club have consistently turned over the highest number of participants in at least 3 of the areas!

Norton has always been a great club for juniors as it is one of our primary focuses, the above numbers reflect that fact greatly for us in the Junior 101 programme figures. our Squash 101 numbers, which is the adult equivalent programme, has far outweighed anyone else in the county which we are very proud of. The Squash 101 and Junior 101 programmes are aimed at bringing in new adults and juniors alike to the squash world and as such is a very important tool for securing a great future for our sport. Squash Girls Can, probably the most vital programme at the moment, is aimed at bringing in more ladies as well as younger girls to the sport - our county is particularly short of female players when compared nationally so we are extremely happy to be able to boast the highest number of Squash Girls Can participants! Our very own Charlotte Iosson deserves a special mention as she has put a lot of time into our Squash Girls Can and all around development of our juniors and ladies for which we can't thank her enough!!

The above are the percentages towards the targets for the period covered in the report (from April 1st 2017 until July 3rd 2019) - the harderst part of running a squash club is consistently gaining new members and bringing new people into the sport, this is reflected in that the 21 people we brought through the Squash 101 programme only constitutes 33% of the target! We're happy to have made a dent in the Squash Girls Can programme and very proud of the 100% Junior 101 target - huge well done and thank you to all the players and indeed juniors involved, this simply wouldn't be possible without you!

Success in the Men's over 50's National Championships

A huge well done to the Durham & Cleveland Men's Over 50's team who have proven a cut above the rest, winning the National Championships! The team consisted of Andy Cross, Yawar Abbas, Peter Lonsdale, Mally Leech and Norton's very own Neil Jones. Absolutely fantastic stuff guys, congratulations!