News & Announcements

2018/2019 Durham & Cleveland County League

Period 1 of the 2018/2019 Durham & Cleveland County league has now concluded for the Christmas break and will resume in January 2019, thank you to all of our players who have taken part in the first half of the season and represented our club in a competetive but friendly and positive spirit. You can find your team's second period fixtures as always on the county website at, you can also click here for direct links to your team.

Wishing a great holiday break and a Merry Christmas to all from Norton Squash Club!

Xmas Handicap 2018

Entry for the Xmas Handicap 2018 competition is now closed and the draws are out! Click the links below to find out who your Pairs partner is, who you're playing in either draw and when, as well as the handicaps table. Good luck!!

UltraLight Outdoor Gear                                                                      MG Shaw                                                                 Oakerside Building Contractors
                                                          Lynas Engineers                                                                     Paul Card Recruitment                                                                 Eagle MOT Centre