Durham & Cleveland Masters 2018

Thanks again to all who made this year's D&C Masters held at Norton Squash Club the great event it was! Here are your event winners;

Over 35s

Winner: Andy Cross
Runner up: Andy Parnaby

Over 35s plate

Winner: Dan Anderson
Runner up: Paul Card

Over 40s

Winner: Graeme Lewis
Runner up: Andy Wesson

Over 40s plate

Winner: Glen Layfield
Runner up: Craig Muller (not pictured)

Over 45s

Winner: Mark Hockborn
Runner up: Patrick Billany

Over 45s plate

Winner: Chriss Russell
Runner up: Sam Smith

Over 50s

Winner: Stuart Spavin
Runner up: Nigel Musgrave

Over 50s plate

Winner: Simon McKnight
Runner up: Paul McMorris

Over 55s & over 60s plates

Over 55s plate winner: Dave Geldart
Runner up: Nick Collins (not pictured)
Over 60s plate winner: Vic Valums
Runner up: Tommy Watson (not pictured)

Over 55s

Winner: Neil Harrison
Runner up: Jamil Baksh

Over 60s

Winner: Phil Davidson
Runner up: Brian Duke

Over 65s plate

Winner: Ron Murphy
Runner up: Jon White

Over 65s

Winner: Tony Pensom
Runner up: Joe McAuley

Over 70s

Winner: Tommy Elves
Runner up: Michael Read

Winners & runners up

Congratulations to all of our 2018 winners & runners up, D&C Masters 2019 is sure to be a great one too!